How You Can Help

Running a quality and – most importantly – safe Hippotherapy practice takes a lot of time and effort from a wide range of people: stable managers, grooms, trainers, veterinarians, farriers and yes, even equine chiropractors!

But the health and welfare of our horses are paramount because quite simply without them there would be no therapy.

All of this involves considerable financial outlay, so any assistance is deeply appreciated, whether it is short-term donations of a month’s supplements (joint supplements/probiotics, etc.)/veterinary supplies (fly sprays/wound ointments/gels/shampoo/etc.), farrier costs (shoes), high-wear items like fly masks or subsidisation of livery costs for a period of the sponsor’s own choosing.

For longer term sponsors we can offer exposure for the relevant company/organisation by way of placement adverts on our website, exposure on the Tumanako Facebook page, as well as logos stitched onto the Tumanako shirts worn during lessons.

Feature in ‘Horse Quarterly’, July 2013

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